New Beginnings


Despite finding himself all alone with a very uncertain future at 10-years-old, this beautiful Buddy still had a lifetime of love left to give and just needed some help to get him back on his paws.  Luckily, through the kindness of others, Buddy was able to make [...]

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Ike wanted to add another pup to his family and was looking for a good companion for his Lab, Maverick, who wasn't too thrilled when dad was away from home. A lovely one-year-old Lab named Tia came for a visit and decided she would be [...]

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If you tried to tell Ms. Pearl that her new family members were failures, she would shake her pretty head and tell you just how perfectly perfect they really are.  But Steve, Ronda, and their 10 year-old Lab, Trapper, officially became foster failures shortly after [...]

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