New Beginnings


Kim and Richard lost their beloved fourteen-year-old SHLR Lab, Zoey, last fall, and when they were ready to add a new family member they once again turned to Safe Harbor. A one-year-old blond beauty named Cassie caught their eye and captured their hearts, and this [...]

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Sweet, lovable one-year-old Mia, has a spring in her step and an ever-wagging tail after a warm welcome into her forever home. Meggan and Marc along with their handsome son, Drake, are looking forward to new adventures with Mia and her new four-legged companion, Cash. [...]

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Lady is fitting right in and is just one of the girls in her new home, which she shares with mom, Judy, and two Pug damsels, 13-year-old Stella and 5-year-old Maisy. Lady's days have been filled with summer fun as she perfects her dog paddle [...]

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In her role as the Webmaster for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, Polly is familiar with every Lab that is up for adoption. She sees all of their photos and reads their “poop sheets” as she posts them to our website and admits there are a [...]

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Is a Lab ever too old to be adopted?  You may have wondered, who are the families willing to adopt and love these old guys.  This is the story of 13-year-old Lenny.  SHLR Volunteer, Debbie, was asked if she would like to foster him.  She [...]

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