New Beginnings


Two-year-old Rose is the second lucky Safe Harbor dog to find a forever home with Laurie, Russ and their son, Logan. She is doing a fabulous job of following in the pawprints of their previous Lab, Old Yeller, who had joined the family at three [...]

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Kate is a longtime Lab lover and one of our wonderful volunteers, and these days she is enjoying her new title of Sophie's forever mom. Sophie is a beautiful blond with a heart of gold and a tail full of wags, who is thrilled beyond [...]

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Ten-year-old Coco is loved, pampered, and home for the holidays, as she snuggles up with her new mom, Meagan, and enjoys all of the sights and sounds of the season. Coco is looking forward to all the good times ahead and can't wait to greet [...]

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"Woof Ho Ho, Woof Ho Ho, jingle all the way...Oh, hi there, Iz Herc, and Iz just practicing my singing so Iz can try out for the Critters' Choir. BOL, just kiddingz! Everyone knows Labs can't sing. I've known a few Huskies that could carry [...]

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That face! Gorgeous Gus is home with Michael and Kim and joins his new brother, Sherman, as one of the resident canine kids. Gus and Sherman are both about 7.5 years old, so these two boys will have plenty to talk about and some doggy [...]

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Five-year-old Rango is home on the range with his new dad, Chuck, and he's having the time of his life. He's still learning the lay of the land, but with plenty of room to run and stretch his legs, and lots of ballgames, walks, and [...]

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Sometimes a dog just gets lucky. Really lucky. That was the case for a lovely six-year-old Lab girl named Daisy, who landed in the home of fabulous longtime Safe Harbor volunteer, Kathy, for what was supposed to be a pit stop on the way to [...]

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Three-year-old Beck had no trouble finding his place in the pack when he moved in with his new parents, Patty and Gary, and new Lab siblings, eleven-year-old yellow boy, Jake, and five-year-old Abbie. Blake loves everyone and everything, and you can often find this loving [...]

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