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Project Description

To say Desi is adorable would be an understatement! A smaller pup at just 49 pounds, he’s 8 ish years old and so happy and waggy that you’ll find yourself smiling the minute you meet him. Desi was abandoned at a small over-crowded rural shelter with little chance of a happy ending until our rescue partner helped get him safely to us.

Desi‘s foster parents tell us he has been just a delight. He’s house-trained, fine with free roam of the house, knows sit, down and stay, and takes treats nicely. Desi is a little shy meeting new people, but is always a polite greeter whose paws stay on the ground.  Leash and car manners are lovely. He gets along well with other dogs and children who are gentle. Overall, he’s pretty comfortable in his own fur and happy to go with the flow, although he is not fond of loud noises and lot of tumult. Walks and cuddling are his faves.

His foster mom and dad tell us:  “Desi is very calm and quiet with a sweet disposition. He follows you around the house just to be close. When comfortable with a person, he will roll onto his back for belly rubs. He’s small!  For an adult Lab, he’s surprisingly small, weighing in at about 50 pounds. Most likely he’s a mix, but he’s full Lab in attitude! Since a lot of noise and activity can frighten him, we think the perfect home for him would be with a calmer family.”

Our vet discovered Desi had an ear and skin infection likely due to allergies and neglect.  All is cleared up now; the vet recommends he continue with a special food.

Looking for an adorable little guy to cuddle and take long leisurely walks with? Bet you won’t be able to resist Desi!

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Desi.