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Project Description

What would you think about a petite cutie who has four paws, golden amber eyes, is as sweet as a chocolate brownie and has a zest for life? That’s our Miss Kimber! She’s barely a year old and 57 pounds of puppy wiggles, wags and joy. When her family left her, unwanted, at a vet clinic, we were called to her rescue.

Miss Kimber, a typical curious and active Lab puppy, is keeping her foster family on their toes. She is house-trained, crate-trained and prefers to be your co-pilot in the car so you’ll need a doggie seatbelt. Kimber is one smart cookie and, speaking of such, will be happy to show you her “sit” for one. She’s eager to please and learns quickly. She loves her multiple daily walks and, since she wonders why you are so slow, an Easy Walk Harness is best. Four-on- the-floor is a work in progress. Time with toys and retrieving is always welcome! Kimber is very playful and other dogs who enjoy an active playmate count her as a friend. Cats, not so sure.

Kimber’s foster mom relates: “Kimber is beautiful, graceful, enthusiastic, and affectionate. She is also a happy, friendly, smart, and energetic dog who has not had any significant training and supervision up ‘til now. Her new family needs to be consistent and provide lots of exercise, supervision, and training like you would with any puppy. She’s a true diamond in the ‘ruff’!”

Our little beauty would like you to know she has some allergies, not uncommon with Labs. She has been seen by our dermatologist who prescribed a special food and a daily medication. “Seems to be doing the trick!” she woofs.

“What do you think?” wags Miss Kimber. “Shall we head home together? Hope so!”

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Kimber.