Poop Sheet

The ultimate engaging and mellow companion, eight-year-old Kirby is a total character! He’s a perfect 65 pounds and, in a nutshell, loves life and has never had a bad day. Kirby was an abandoned stray at a shelter and we count our lucky stars we were able to rescue this gem of a Lab.

Kirby is house-trained, fine with free roam of the house when you are away, knows some basic commands, rides well in the car and pulls a little on the leash. He’s a happy, enthusiastic greeter who keeps his paws earthbound. Other dogs find him an easy going, get along kind of buddy and cats are glad he’s indifferent towards them. A list of his delightful qualities includes: extremely affectionate, patient and tolerant, friendly, playful and comfortable in his own skin. He admits he does not get the retriever part of being a Labrador Retriever. “No one’s perfect!” he woofs.

Kirby’s foster mom is quite smitten: “I like everything about Kirby! He loves life and is such a good listener; I like having conversations with him and discussing world events. He likes to ‘talk-back’ and give me his opinions with little murmurs, mini-growls. His favorite things are exploring the yard with his best buddy ten-year-old Jack, another one of my fosters, and being by my side. I am very grateful he likes to help me with housework, too! He is a great friend to all and whoever adopts him will have an amazing friend for life.”

Kirby as an old knee injury with a bit of arthritis, so a family that enjoys hanging out at home, playing in the yard and going on leisurely neighbor walks will be best. And of course, he’s always ready to chill out and chat with you on any subject of interest!

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