Our Generous Donors

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We are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors! Read about some of our recent donations:

In Honor of Michael Swain

In Honor of Michael Swain on his birthday. — Joyce Henager

In Memory of “Rocksy”

To Wheaton and Brittney–in honor of the beloved memories you have for 16 year old, “Rocksy”.
–Becky Wilson

In Memory of Three Special Dogs

In Memory of three special dogs that brought so much joy to Linda Mickley and Kurt Miller: Brandy, King and Bailey. They will be forever missed and loved by everyone who knew them. ~Linda Boyce

In Memory of “Brandy”

In memory of Brandy – a beloved family member whose beautiful life touched many. ~~Michelle Denzer

In Memory of David Vandapool

In memory of my dear cousin, David Vandapool, whose beloved lab, “Ralphie II”, was taken in by Safe Harbor, cared for, and adopted out after David’s passing. ~ Candace Richey

In Loving Memory of “Rocky”

We are donating money in memory of Rocky to SHLR as your rescue group goes above and beyond to treat and manage medical conditions in all Labs…just like we did for our beloved boy, Rocky.
Austin & Judy Funk

In Loving Memory of “Pearl”

In memory of Pearl, a great dog who was loved by her parents Bob and Sue, brother Rooster and sister Pebbles. –From her foster parents Sarah and Steve.

In Memory of Donna Scheeter

In memory of Donna Scheeter. ~Sarah Smith

In Memory of “Sparky”

In memory of Sparky, beloved yellow Labbie of Bill, Michelle, Jess and Rottie brother, Jake. He was found on the streets and wandered into the best forever home and family he could have. He was loved and is missed. –Becky Wilson

In Memory of “Ricco”

Ricco came to us shortly after his third birthday and left us just before his thirteenth. He was the perfect boy. Ten years blew by in the wink of an eye. He was the perfect dog.
24 August 2004 – 7 July 2017
~Jean and Rich VanCamp

In Honor of “Kona” and her Family

In honor of Kona and the family that loved her. — The Schmucker Family

In Honor of Patty White

In honor of Patty White. –Techassure Association

In Honor of Brenda Leap

In honor of Brenda Leap’s Birthday. ~Trish Phillips

In Memory of “Blue”

In memory of “Blue” Shultz (and to honor Debbie Shultz, his loving Mom and volunteer), and to thank Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for all you do to save pets and bring them together with forever families. — Jon Killingsworth

In Memory of “Princess” Abby

In memory of one of my heart fosters, “Princess” Abby. She was adopted by my dear friend and neighbor Marcia Strueh, and spent lots of time at our house. She is greatly missed by all of us! — Rich and Melody Sattizahn and Hope.

In Memory of “Blue”

In loving memory of my best boy, “Blue”.  You have a special place in my heart. –Debbie Shultz

In Memory of Frank “Beau” Eulner

In memory of Frank “Beau” Eulner.  Through his friendship we got our first Lab, Java.–Gererd Meacham

In Honor of Chris Sieber

In honor for my son, Chris Sieber. — Lucy Sieber

In Memory of Minnie

In loving memory of Minnie. — Jane and Martin Dumler

In Memory of “King”

In loving memory of King, a much loved boy with a peaceful and wise soul. His pet parents gave him a beautiful life and he wanted for nothing. Our sincerest condolences to Linda and Kurt. Love, Michelle and Tony Denzer

In Memory of “Finn”

In loving memory of Madeleine Hogan’s dog, Finn.  –Debbie Schultz

In Memory of “King”

In honor and memory of “King-a-Ling”.

~Linda Mickley and Kurt Miller

In Memory of “Bear”

SHLR brought Bear into our lives in August, 2010. We’re thankful for the near seven years we had with Bear. He was a caring dog who wagged his tail until his last breath.–John Harris

In Memory of “Millie”

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Fusaro’s dog, Millie.–Lynn and Patrick Dempsey

In Memory of Kathleen Pickering

A donation in memory of Kathleen Pickering.–David and Cheryl Nein