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Not all our Rescued Labs appear on the Adoptable Dogs page. Some require extra medical care before they are ready for adoption. Others will remain with us to comfortably live out their lives as hospice Labs. Safe Harbor sets itself apart in our strong commitment to provide thorough and excellent medical care for our Rescued Labs.

Like with people, top notch medical care for the Labs is expensive. Safe Harbor welcomes sponsors for our Labs! Won’t you say “yes” to sponsoring just one Lab?



Jolie SponsorMiss Jolie is about 13 years old and the picture of the “forever young” Lab. This active, trim girl loves her long walks and easily jumps in the back of an SUV. As a “lady of a certain age” she has condition where her larynx does not open and close properly. As a result, she sometimes finds herself gasping for air after exertion, excitement or when it is warm. She will have surgery with a high success rate to bring her relief from this condition. The only thing left to take her breath away (in a good way!), will be the news a new family is waiting for her.

Jolie was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and by one of our medical fosters.

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kirbyA local animal shelter asked us to help with Kirby, an eight-year-old abandoned stray with a classic lovable Lab personality. He was not a candidate for adoption due to health issues that included a softball size lump on his side, a troubling-looking tumor on his paw and significant dental disease. Kirby will have the masses removed and sent to CSU to be biopsied. We will also address his dental issues.

Kirby was treated at Arvada West Veterinary Hospital and cared for by one of our medical fosters.


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keenan-a1428305-2493Keenan was a neglected one-year stray in a huge metropolitan area Texas shelter. This little guy had severe skin disease and hair loss likely caused by a flea infestation. Luckily, perhaps because he is so happy and endearing, he was given some treatment at the shelter instead of being put down right away to make space for others. While there has been some improvement, he will be seeing a dermatologist at CSU to fully address his medical needs.

Keenan was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and CSU. He was cared for by one of our medical fosters.

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ari2Little three-year old Miss Ari was hit and rolled by a car. Injured, she was taken to a rural shelter where she sat and waited for over a week without treatment to be claimed. Our rescue partner saw her and got her safely to us for much needed care. She needed x-rays, pain medication, antibiotics for wound care and a toe amputated in the accident.   Ari needed orthopedic surgery to repair damage to her foot and subsequent hospitalization for special surgical wound care.  Her happy, loving and gentle disposition never wavered despite the pain she was in.

Ari was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and cared for by one of our medical fosters.

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autumn-post-surgeryA lovely, tenderhearted Lab the color of fall aspen leaves, ten-year old Miss Autumn was left at a shelter by her life-long family that moved away and could not take her along. She arrived with two large masses, one on her head and another on her flank, as well as two infected teeth. In a long surgery, the masses were removed and sent to CSU for biopsy, and the infected teeth extracted. After a life lived outdoors, she is recuperating in a warm, loving foster home.

Autumn was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and cared for by one of our medical fosters.

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cassie-headshotMiss Cassie, a six-year-old Lab sweetheart, was badly neglected when she was rescued after a long shelter stay. Her coat was thin and dry and she had several mammary lumps. Bathing and good nutrition soon helped her coat. Our vet removed the lumps and, fortunately, they were benign. However, due to the location of the incisions, healing was challenging and required special wound care with a medical foster.

Cassie was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.


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Otis1When Otis arrived from a small Midwest shelter he seemed a bit under the weather. Within a few days he was in intensive care and diagnosed with ehrlichia, an illness caused by a tick bite. With medications, fluids and top notch veterinary care he was back on his paws and enjoying life in his foster home again.

Otis was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.



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CadburyA local shelter called us to help with Cadbury, a six-year old stray with a very poor coat and distended abdomen. He was happy and active, but clearly something was not right based on his appearance and the fact he drank three quarts of water a day. After examination, x-rays and a special blood test, our vet diagnosed him with Cushing’s disease, a condition where the body makes too much of a particular hormone. He started drug therapy for this treatable condition and required some follow-up blood tests to assure it was the correct dosage. He’s a trooper — though all the poking and prodding, his tail never stopped wagging.

Cadbury was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

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Mindy’s Sponsors

Thank you Marisa and “Spirit” from SHLR and Mindy!


MindyTwo-year-old Mindy, a calm and gentle Chocolate Lab, arrived with severe hair loss and a bad skin infection from an allergic reaction to fleas. She also had ear infections and a large lump on her ankle. With her semi-hairless appearance and the lump, she had little chance of adoption from a rural shelter without the resources to care for her. Medicated baths soothed her skin and antibiotics calmed her inflamed ears. The lump was removed and biopsied at CSU. She is healing well from her surgery and is being cared for by one of our medical fosters.

Mindy was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

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Otto – Ear Canal Ablation Surgery for Chronic Ear Infection

Otto7Five-year-old Otto, has a history of chronic severe and painful inner ear infections. Recently, they resulted in internal abscesses. Otto was seen by specialists at Colorado State University (CSU) Veterinary Teaching Hospital who recommended a diagnostic CAT scan and ear canal surgery. Otto is recovering well and we can tell he is feeling better already with the relentless pain gone. As a bonus to being in foster care with us for a while, Otto, who was 20 pounds overweight, is sporting a new 80 pound physique.

Otto was treated at CSU hospital and Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and cared for by one of our medical fosters

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Heartworm is prevalent in several states where we rescue Labs. It is also found in Colorado. We do our best to obtain the heartworm status of Labs coming from certain states to determine if we can help, but there are always surprises. Treatment is expensive and lengthy. Heartworm positive Labs stay with a foster family for several months for their treatment and recovery: medication, injections during a monitored hospital stay, and strict rest.


reeseReese, a three-year-old stray from a huge metropolitan Texas shelter, was scheduled to be euthanized because, like so many there, he tested positive for heartworms. Working with a rescue partner, we were able to get this sweetest of Chocolate boys to us for the heartworm care and treatment he needs.

Reese was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and cared for by one of our medical fosters.


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boscoBosco is a handsome and well-mannered five-year-old Chocolate Lab who comes to us from a family who was no longer able to care for him. He lived most of his life outdoors in southern Colorado where he was infected with heartworm via a mosquito bite. A welcome, easy-going guest in his medical foster home, his heartworm treatment is under way.

Bosco was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.


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miss-dutchTwo-year-old Miss Dutch was abandoned as an emaciated stray in a rural shelter. She was rescued by a group of Good Samaritans who cared for her until she could come to us for heartworm treatment and, once completed, find her forever home. She is a love bug! Miss Dutch’s foster mom helped her add needed pounds during her heartworm treatment and recovery time.

Miss Dutch was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.


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Mamma Bear


Mamma Bear is gentle, good-natured eight-year-old chocolate girl who comes to us from crowded small city shelter where she was overlooked day after day. She had been a mom to many puppies, was quite plump and lost part of her otter tail along the way. While the shelter gave up on her, she never gave up that someone to love her was sure to arrive. Mamma Bear’s foster mom helped her trim up her figure during her heartworm treatment recovery time.

Mamma Bear was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

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Miss Rayne’s Sponsors

Thank you Lyndsey Schooley from SHLR and Miss Rayne!

Miss Rayne

Rayne1Miss Rayne is a two-year-old people-loving social butterfly who came to us from rural Arkansas where she had no chance for adoption. She was pushed out a truck door and onto the road on a cold rainy day. Fortunately, she was immediately rescued and cared for by Good Samaritans until she came to us. Rayne is rather plump and plans to do some dieting during her recovery time.

Rayne was treated at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

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Tara’s Sponsors

Thank you Meg Zimmerman from SHLR and Tara!


Tara Updated

Miss Tara is living like a princess now and is truly loved for the first time in her life. She came to us as a shelter stray in badly neglected condition. Tara looked to have had many puppies in her 7 or so years, her chocolate coat was sunburned and coming out in clumps, both ears were painful and infected, and her skin had raw spots. On top of all this, our vet discovered she had a large inoperable cancerous mass in her throat. Yet Tara still had a friendly wagging tail, a spring in her step and the signature Lab eagerness for treats. While her time with us may be short, this gentle girl without a mean bone in body, is having the time of her life “on the ranch” with lots of dog buddies, daily dips in the big dog pool, a soft bed and excellent care from her special fosters, Darlene and Tim.

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King’s Sponsors

Thank you John Zimmerman from King and SHLR!


KingKing is a 12 year-old frail gentleman with a variety of “elder issues”. His owner became ill and was no longer able to care for King, who he adopted from us in 2010. Safe Harbor is always there for our Labs and adopters if circumstances change. We were happy to bring peace of mind to King’s dad that he would be taken care of. King’s hospice fosters, Linda and Kurt, have kindly accommodated King’s special needs and given this senior Lab abundant care and unconditional love. Snoozing in a warm sunny spot is just the right speed for His Majesty.

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Missy’s Sponsors

Thank you “Friends of Missy” from SHLR and Missy!


Missy in her blanketMissy, a 13 year-old character on four paws, was left at the shelter by a family that no longer wanted her. She was neglected and in poor condition. The shelter vet found several suspicious tumors, among other things. Often a dog like Missy would be euthanized, but the shelter vet saw something special in this girl, she called Safe Harbor, “even though Missy might only live a few months, would we be willing to take her as a hospice?” That was a year ago!

With palliative care and a lot of love her from her hospice foster mom Amy, an oncology nurse, Miss M. is enjoying her golden years. She has quite a Facebook following and a fried egg on her kibble every morning.

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Moose’s Sponsors

Thank you to everyone who generously has sponsored Moose! SHLR and Moose thank you!

Dave and Nan Anderson
Barb Binder
Janet Curran
John Shearer and Pat Fox
Chana Fuller
Kara Hall
Keri Hill
Lugene Jackson
Mary Lafferty
Paula Morgan
Deborah Oleson
Linda Robinson
Doris Rygalski


Moose1Moose, who is 9 years old now, came to us as a stray. After he was with us a short time, this great big chocolate boy was diagnosed with a slow growing bone cancer on one of his ribs. Often survival time is short once bone cancer is diagnosed, but Moose never “read the book” and he has been active and happy with his hospice foster mom, Connie, for three years now. In spite of some pretty bad knees that need on-going physical therapy, he happily heads out with “the pack” to the horse pasture and then onto the pond for a swim.

Moose, a certified therapy dog, and his foster mom are part of the Youth and Pet Survivors (Y.A.P.S.) pen pal program for kids and pets that have cancer.

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Cody RTGCody, is a 7 year old Lab mix who was left at a shelter by a family who could no longer care for him. The shelter told us he’d lost an eye to cancer and there were no guarantees it was contained. Once rescued, several more cancerous masses were discovered. Our vet recommended Cody be placed in hospice care.

Cody was treated by Arvada West Veterinary Hospital.

Hospice fosters, Crystal and Doug, sent us an update on Cody:

One look at his face and we just knew that they had to make Cody a part of our family.  His bio had everything we had been searching for.  Gets along fantastic with other dogs, 5 to 7 years old, and lovable as could be.  Our lovely Elbie is over 13 years old and needed a companion to make her senior life more pleasant, and I needed a big heart to love on in case her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge comes soon. 

     When Safe Harbor informed me that Cody had cancer, I still needed to be a part of making every day the best one possible for this beautiful, happy-go-lucky fellow.  Although he is my first official hospice foster, our previous lab mix Boyd, had a short time with us, but it was glorious for all of us, so we decided to give it a try, and I sincerely hope to continue doing it. 

     Cody is everything we dreamed him to be and more, he and Elbie get along like they’ve always been friends, his playful spirit (ripping the guts out of every toy we give him, and hearty sessions of tug of war) have brought out the younger dog in our girl.  We go for “wanders” on our 5 acres, and we all jog back up the hill at the same pace, since Elbie is old, Cody is a little chubby, and I’m, well, a little rusty at jogging.  He has become, “my boy”, follows me just about everywhere I go in the house and finds the coolest spot to lay near wherever I stop.  He loves a good brushing, even though it’s all about how many times can he lick my face during the event.  Although he is bummed when we are not at home, he is the perfect housemate, he has never gotten into the trash, misbehaved with any of my stuff, and got the lay of our household in a matter of seconds before deciding this is a pretty good place to call home. 

 I really wish no dog had to face its end of days without its original family, but in those cases where it cannot be helped, I am happy to pick up where that family left off and help a beautiful soul “live in the moment”, since all of us dog lovers out there know that is the absolute best part of having fur kids.

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