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Sponsor a Dog


Not all our Rescued Labs appear on the Adoptable Dogs page. Some require extra medical care before they are ready for adoption. Others will remain with us to comfortably live out their lives as hospice Labs. Safe Harbor sets itself apart in our strong commitment to provide thorough and excellent medical care for our Rescued Labs.

Like with people, top notch medical care for the Labs is expensive. Safe Harbor welcomes sponsors for our Labs! Won’t you say “yes” to sponsoring just one Lab?


Bentley’s Sponsors

Thank you, Susan DeMeules from SHLR and Bentley!

Bentley: Surgery for Congenital Abnormalities

Four-month-old Bentley was left at a shelter with no hope for adoption. This little guy had a congenital urinary tract “plumbing problem” and just a tiny bit of vestigial tail, the end of which was extremely painful. We took him to Colorado State Veterinary Teaching Hospital  where his problems were diagnosed by Dr. Smeak, an expert soft tissue surgeon. Special radiographic imaging was needed. A delicate and lengthy surgery was performed to correct the problems. Bentley is recovering well with his medical foster mom.



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Jay: Crippling Hip Dysplasia

Just about a year old and left at a rural shelter when his owner moved away, Jay had the unfortunate luck of being born with severe bilateral hip dysplasia. He already had arthritis that left him lame and painful after minimal activity. While Jay’s condition was unexpected, we are working to make sure this puppy has a good life ahead. Hip replacement surgery just took place with Canine Orthopedic Specialists to address his hips, and Jay is recovering with one of our medical fosters.


Sponsor Jay:


Lyka: A Case of Neglect

Ten-year-old Lyka was left at a large metropolitan Texas shelter after her family had a baby. Adoption chances were nil for this Lab-mix girl. Not only was Lyka sick with an upper respiratory infection, she was severely undernourished with little muscle tone. She had a skin infection and severe ear infections, painful arthritis in her legs and back, and entropian, a condition where eyelashes rub against the cornea. A quiet and shy girl who was clearly neglected, Lyka is responding well to treatment by a veterinary dermatologist, and surgery has corrected her entropian and physical therapy is underway. This is one pup who is getting back on her paws!

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Buddy: Painful Senior

It’s hard when you find yourself homeless at eleven years old and sleeping on a concrete Dog Pound floor for 3 months, but that’s what happened to gentle Buddy when his owner could no longer care for him. His health needs were neglected, and Buddy needed treatment for ear and skin infections and a tumor on his eyelid. His arthritis was so painful and muscles so weak he would fall when walking around. Medications, surgery, physical therapy and an exceptional foster all helped patient and good-natured Buddy on the road to feeling a lot better.


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Mousse: Hip Damaged when Hit by a Car

One-year-old Mousse, a stray from Arkansas, came to us with a limp. X-rays showed a damaged hip joint, likely caused when he was hit by a car. The injury looked like an old one, so Mousse has been dealing with this painful injury for some time. Our orthopedic surgeon recommended a femoral head ostectomy (FHO) to address the injury. After surgery, Mousse will recover with one of our medical fosters and also begin a physical therapy program to build strength and add healing in the leg. He’s looking forward to being up and running around in his forever home!


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Honey Bee: Diabetic and Blind

Miss Honey Bee was taken to a shelter when she unexpectedly became blind and was diagnosed with diabetes. An eight-year-old girl in this condition had little chance of a happy ending, but we are determined to help her have one! Testing is still underway to adjust her insulin does and she’s being a trooper about her twice daily injections. Once her diabetes is stabilized, we plan to consult with a veterinary ophthalmologist at Eye Specialists for Animals about cataract surgery to restore her sight.


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Benny’s Sponsors

Thank you Charli Bloomer from SHLR and Benny!
Thank you Don and Becky Lansing from SHLR and Benny!
Thank you Kathryn Heet from SHLR and Benny!

Benny: Eye Infection Resulting in Blindness

Benny, barely a year old, was weaving alongside a highway at night when he was picked up by the Houston SPCA. His eyes were swollen, draining and squeezed tightly shut. He was in pain and appeared to be blind. Two of our volunteers flew to Houston, rented a car, and drove Benny 1,000 miles back to Denver for the care he needed at Eye Specialists for Animals.  Benny eyes were severely infected, a condition that left him blind in one eye. We are hopeful some sight can be saved in the other eye. He is currently on several medications to reduce the pain and inflammation, and to address the infection. More diagnostics are needed.

We are happy to report Benny can open his eyes now. Benny is in the care of one of our medical fosters while he is being treated.

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Blake: Painful Eye Condition

One-year-old Blake, a shelter stray with a lovely temperament, arrived with irritated, painful eyes from entropian, a condition where his eyelashes constantly rubbed and poked his eyes. He will be seeing the veterinary ophthalmologist for surgery to correct the entropian, and further explore and correct other eyelid issues what might be causing the discomfort.

Thank you to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and Eye Specialists for Animals for caring for Blake.


Sponsor Blake:

Blackie: Arthritis from Neglect

When good-natured Blackie’s long time owner moved to a nursing home, Blackie was left at a small rural shelter. As a 7-8 year old black dog lame from an old elbow injury caused by someone who ran him down and hit him with their car, his adoption chances were slim. If anyone deserved a second chance, it was Blackie. Once with us, Blackie saw an orthopedic surgeon and a pain management specialist for his elbow. Unfortunately, the fracture cannot be repaired and the elbow is very arthritic. While Blackie is uncomplaining and always ready for a walk, we are fortunate to work with a pain management specialist to help him.

Thank you to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and pain management specialist, Dr. Gaynor, for caring for Blackie.

Sponsor Blackie:

Kimber: Severe Allergies

Chocolate Kimber, 11 months old, was left at a vet clinic to be euthanized when her family could no longer contend with her scratching, red raw skin and on-going digestive issues. A lovely, lively young girl certainly deserved a chance for a well loved life so we were called to her rescue.  Our vet diagnosed Kimber with severe allergies as the source of her problems. She is on a special prescription diet food trial and will be further evaluated by a specialist in veterinary dermatology.


Thank you to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and the VRCC Dermatology Department for caring for Kimber.

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Molly: Dysplasia and Neglect

Molly’s family moved away and left this lovely eleven-year-old girl a large crowded Texas shelter where seniors, especially lame ones, are not welcome to stay long. In spite of her happy, loving disposition, X-rays showed Miss Molly had extreme dysplasia and arthritis in her hips. She is now on pain medication, received cold laser therapy and been to physical therapy a couple of times a week. Molly is definitely more comfortable now in her foster home, especially since we treated her to a special orthopedic bed which she loves. We also addressed her fleas, severe dental disease and a number of small skin masses that could snag on things.

Thank you to Arvada West Veterinary Hospital and The K9 Body Shop for caring for Maggie.

Sponsor Molly:


Chaco’s Sponsors

Thank you, James LaPrelle from SHLR and Chaco!


Miss Chaco is a gentle, happy and engaging ten-year-old chocolate Lab who was left at a shelter when her elderly owner was unable to care for himself or her anymore. On intake, all our senior Labs receive senior labwork as part of the assessment of their health; Chaco’s showed some troubling results. We followed up with an ultrasound that revealed she has late stage liver disease, a tumor on her adrenal gland, and a mass near her pancreas. Our girl also had some painful arthritis in her hips. Miss Chaco is on medication to support her liver and keep her hips comfortable. “I am doing quite well, thank you very much!” she wags. She will be loved and cared for by her hospice family.


Sponsor Chaco:


Emma’s Sponsors

Thank you Carol Sloper from SHLR and Emma!


Pretty and gentle Emma, who is about ten-years-old, was discovered by Animal Control in the home of hoarder who had recently passed away. She was taken to the shelter where she failed to thrive, as she was fearful and had never been socialized. Every noise startled her and she lay in her dog run facing the wall day in and day out. Eventually the staff at the shelter understandably questioned her quality of life, which is never a good sign at a shelter. Emma was deemed “unadoptable” because of her paralyzing fear and a myriad of physical ailments.

Partnering with another rescue, we stepped in to make sure Emma was not another overlooked dog at a shelter. Within a couple of weeks of Emma going to a quiet foster home, we saw her start to blossom. Emma is getting the medical attention she needs and she has made some remarkable strides. We found that her years of neglect left her frail and extremely shy, so she will remain with us in hospice care: happy, safe, and comfortable in her loving foster home.

Emma is being cared for by Arvada West Veterinary Hospital.

Update: 01/16/18:  For several days Emma had been sick with gastrointestinal issues and was finally was refusing to eat. X-rays showed a mass in her abdomen. She was quickly taken to surgery for a large tumor on her liver, and had her spleen removed after a second large tumor discovered. As we await biopsy results, she resting comfortably and recuperating with her foster mom.

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Jack’s Sponsors

Thank you Cathie O’Connor from SHLR and Jack!
Thank you Meg Zimmerman from SHLR and Jack!


Ten-year-old Jack was found by a Good Samaritan a dusty road in rural South Dakota. He was filthy, thin and dragging a length of rusty chain behind him. The Good Samaritan got Jack to a kind local vet who worked with a rescuer who, in turn, got him safely to us. A very sweet and gentle boy, Jack has a variety of elder issues and is quite frail. He will stay with his hospice foster mom, warm, safe and loved for the rest of his days.

Jack is being cared for by Arvada West Veterinary Hospital.


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