Six-year-old Ridge arrived at Safe Harbor as a lonely stray pup with a very unwelcome heartworm diagnosis, but things soon started looking up when he scored a fabulous foster home where he could relax and enjoy a soft dog bed, good home cooking, and loving care throughout his months-long medical treatments. After Ridge received the all clear and was feeling fit as a fiddle, he met his new parents, Jacquee and Mike, and soon knew he had found the perfect place to spend his happily forever after. Sweet Ridge had a long journey from street life to the sweet life, but he is now home to stay.

Ridge’s new family tells us: “Handsome and sweet Ridge has a lot of things he loves in his new forever home. He loves playing with lots of soft squeaky toys, he loves the backyard to soak up the sun and to keep the squirrels/bunnies in check, he loves going for car rides, he loves going for walks and particularly loves off-leash dog parks where he runs with wild abandon.

A typical Lab who loves food, Ridge jumps up to 4 feet to demonstrate just how excited he is to get his meal. And did we mention how much he enjoys belly rubs and curling up with his new family, Jacquee, Mike and canine brother, Max? With all this activity and Max to play with, Ridge is slowly losing a few pounds. We are grateful for Safe Harbor and Ridge’s foster family who cared for him while going through heartworm treatment. Ridge is a super sweet boy that we just love.”

Many thanks to Karen and Steve for fostering and loving Ridge through heartworm treatment and helping him get healthy and ready for his new family.