Two-year-old Duke knew his search for the perfect forever home was over as soon as he met his new dad, Michael. These two guys share many hobbies and have slipped easily into each other’s lives. When they’re not catching up on Duke’s homeschooling or taking a break for a little downtime snuggle, Michael and his new pup can be found out exploring the great outdoors and proving everything’s better with a good buddy by your side. 

Michael reports:

Duke is adjusting to his new home here with me really well! He has some very good manners already and knows his sit, down, no, and come commands. He’s learning stay, off, and heel and is a smart boy!

I’ll have friends over on the patio for a barbecue, and he doesn’t try to get at the food or beg when we are eating. He will lay down in the yard and relax. Maybe it helps that I had taken him to a lake in the mountains to swim earlier in the day. He loves the water! Labs love and need lots of fun exercise! He fits my lifestyle well.

Also, he’s making so many new friends in the neighborhood, too! Everyone loves him and tells me how handsome he is. I have gotten to know all the neighbors better that are dog owners since we now meet regularly at the park or on our walks. I’m lucky to have adopted such a special dog!