There’s another beautiful four-legged blond in Kara’s family! Tucker joined the crew at about seven months old and quickly fit right in with his new siblings, Star and Xander, who filled him in on the ins and outs of family life and the art of road tripping. This lucky pup has a lifetime of love and adventure ahead and may well follow in his brother’s pawsteps and be the next agility star in training.

Tucker’s new mom sent us an update after the new kid had a chance to settle in:

Tuc has been with us for about 12 weeks now and he’s been a busy boy! We started with a week-long road trip in our camper, spending the weekend at an agility competition in Montana, where his new brother was competing. He was introduced to lots of new people and dogs and the busy environment of an agility trial. He found it all very exciting and never got tired of all the people asking him to sit and giving him treats. He also loved laying outside the camper and chewing on an antler. We had three more agility camping trips before settling down for the winter.

Then Tuc started school. He is attending a Star Puppy class and an agility foundations class. He’d much rather be working than laying quietly while the instructor explains things, but he has a special mat at home that we take to class, and he is learning that hanging out on his mat gets him lots of good treats. He has a brother and a sister who also came from Safe Harbor, and he loves to wrestle with his big brother. He adjusted very quickly to our home life and our traveling life and is extremely well loved.