Doug the Dog is one handsome hound and as charming a chap as you’re likely to meet.  He’s a lover of life, a fetcher of balls, a wrangler of squirrels, and, most importantly, he is now a family man!  Doug is the proud owner of his very own parents, Michelle and Troy, as well as a two-legged brother, Jacob; and this happy pup clearly knows that he’s found the perfect place to spend all of his forever days.

Doug’s new family sent us an update on their new pup after he had settled in:We adopted this lovable dog named Doug on July 19th.  He is a very smart, loving yellow Lab.  He will play ball all day long and has a smile on his face almost all the time.  We did not have the heart to rename him at three and a half years, so we are keeping him Doug. We recently went to a drive in and saw UP the cartoon. We believe the family that had him might have named him Doug from the movie. His cute long tongue is always hanging out of his mouth, he will play ball and has a tennis ball in his mouth all the time, and lastly, he has gotten a squirrel. Luckily it got away!!!

He is very spoiled and happy. We play ball with him every day. He has his own doggy pool which he loves.  We take him on mile walks which he is still learning not to pull!!! Troy, Jacob, and I all love him and he has been a new and loving family member. He is a very loyal and good dog.  He has his “furever” home for sure.