My Name is: Millie, 9 years old

My Story:  Miss Millie is a Lab who, in spite of more than a few medical issues, has a sweet disposition and greets each new day like it’s the best one of her life. Millie joined us from a small, crowded Colorado shelter. She had a dog bite wound, an old eye injury that left her blind in one eye, was limping from painful arthritis and swelling in her front leg from an old fracture, and had several suspicious mammary masses. “Whew! The vet had some work to do!” woofs Millie. Wound care, x-rays, bloodwork, pain meds and surgery were all initiated to improve her quality of life. The mammary masses were cancerous and removed, but there was concern the cancer might reappear.  And so Miss Millie will remain with us in hospice care. She has demonstrated ninja-like counter surfing skills, enjoys cuddling with her ‘fospice’ mom and toasting in the sun with her twelve
year old Safe Harbor sister, Dixie. “Life is good,” she smiles.