Hunter is equal parts adorable and handsome, and this sweet black Lab pup is settling into the country life with his new parents, Laurie and John. At just seven months old, young Hunter is still working on catching up on his puppy ABCs and figuring out where he fits into the wide world around him, but he has been making great progress with the help of all the training, love and attention that he is getting in his new home.

Laurie and John write: Hunter is our first rescue dog and he has been quite a challenge, although he seems to be adjusting to his new home, country living and his place in the “pack”. He now seems comfortable being taken for two walks each day; one such walk with each of us. He continues, however, to be fascinated with the deer that populate our area. Perhaps he thinks they are big dogs.

We have started a training program with Hunter and hope that he will become better in his interactions with people and with other dogs. Hunter has gained weight since his arrival, even though his sometimes diet of pine cones and twigs has not contributed to that weight gain. We are very happy with Hunter and look forward to many years with him.