Abbie_201605_250pxShelli aka Ellie went home with Maureen and her family as a foster dog, and without even having to pack up and move again, she is now a forever dog named Abbie! This lovely five-year-old platinum blonde beauty charmed her foster family, including new big Lab brother, Koda, and was invited to stay forever. Of course, she accepted the invitation with the sincerest of wags and a ladylike wiggle. Some may call this a foster failure, but Abbie calls it a complete success.

Maureen tells us about her new girl:

Abbie_201605_200pxAbbie has made herself at home. She is very sweet, and is very excited to greet you any time you walk in the door. Abbie and Koda (our other SHLR dog) are getting along quite splendidly! Abbie likes to cuddle with Koda, and he is not quite sure what to do. The two sleep next to each other on their own beds, but trade off many times each night. Abbie likes to suckle on plush toys, so I have gotten her many Kong rubber toys so she does not destroy them. Koda is very interested in toys, and Abbie seems to want to play with whatever Koda has. Abbie is quite the opportunist, and likes to counter surf, but is learning that is not allowed in this house. She has made herself quite comfortable, and likes to curl up on the furniture. Abbie and Koda like to “tag team” you anytime there is food around; anything and everything is very interesting.

We are very happy we decided to adopt her, as she is such a great companion for Koda.