When Lisa and Van added 10-month-old blonde Lab beauty, Abby, to their family, they made all her doggie dreams come true. As soon as Abby realized that these two wonderful humans were hers to keep forever and ever, she started to relax for the first time in a long while and made a promise to love and care for them always. Although Abby doesn’t really like to brag, she did tell us that in addition to her fabulous parents, her new home comes with a ten-acre yard — her own personal Lab paradise, complete with a place to practice her dog paddle. “Not bad for a pup from the streets,” she proudly woofs.

Abby’s new parents write: Our Sweet Abby! When we adopted “Aspen” now our Abby….we embarked on a decision we had never made before, even though this was our 5th Lab in our lives. Something told us this was the path we wanted to take…and we are so so happy we did. So on October 22nd, 2018, we met our sweet Abby and took her home. She was a bit unsure, a bit confused, and truly trusting considering her very tumultuous beginning of life in another state. Abby has taken to our lives in Colorado and our lifestyle pretty smoothly, and her beautiful caramel eyes tell us she is so grateful for her new beginning.

Abby watched Fall begin and end…at our home chasing leaves, and she has enjoyed Winter and hiking in the mountains in the snow…running endlessly!! Abby healed our hearts from losing our beautiful “Pearl” at age 13 and a half…

We are so grateful to SHLR for doing what they do, and for finding us our Sweet Abby.