After the loss of their beloved Norwegian Elkhound, Nancy and Dan were looking for a very special rescue Lab to fill the role of four-legged family member. One-year-old Ace, a sweet and happy pup with a sunny disposition and movie star good looks, sent in his resume and a recent headshot, hoping to get an audition. Whether it was the twinkle in his eye, the wag in his tail, or possibly his shiny, surfer-blond locks that caught their attention, Ace soon convinced Nancy and Dan that they had found their next great canine co-star.

Ace’s new family writes: Ace has found his FOREVER home with us in the mountains. We are in love with his goofy, affectionate and happy nature and Ace loves his big backyard and making friends with everyone he meets. He is well behaved in the house and follows us around and sticks his nose into whatever we are doing. Some of his favorite activities are: playing fetch with his new frisbee in the backyard, walking around the neighborhood and getting to know the neighbors (human and 4 legged), taking hikes in the Open Space Park near his home and getting lots of scratches and belly rubs.

Ace also enjoys obedience class at the rec center where we (Ace, Nancy and Dan) are working on basic commands. We think he is a STAR!  Ace has a diploma for successfully completing Basic Obedience Class.  Not only did he respond to my “Come” but also tried to respond to the other owners request to their dogs so he could have their treats too.

So far Ace has been on two family camping trips.  He is content to relax (almost like jello) in the back seat and is full of energy when we arrive.  After an active day of hiking, ball and frisbee retrieval and stick collection/chewing he curls up to sleep in his own bed in the family trailer.  He is looking forward to two more camping trips before the season is over.
Ace had a blast at LabFest.  His family had not seen him swim before and we were quite impressed with his dog paddle.  He was a very tired pup when we got home and he wants to make sure we get it on the calendar next year.