Ace is the second lucky Safe Harbor dog to find his home with Kyle and Karen. After the loss last year of their Lab, Nash, they once again came to SHLR when they were ready to add a new pup; and a very handsome one-year-old boy named Ace soon joined their family. Young Ace was very unsure of himself and somewhat frightened of the world around him when he first arrived, but with the patient help of his new parents and his three new teenage human siblings, Ace is making great progress and is well on his way to becoming the happy, confident dog he was always meant to be. Our thanks to Ace’s new family for giving him the time, attention, and love he needed to start to find his bearings and get all four paws firmly planted on the ground.

Karen and Kyle tell us: When we first brought Ace home from his foster home, he was quite scared, hiding behind our exterior A/C unit for over half an hour. It appears that he may not have been treated well by a previous owner. He was initially very hand shy and seemed to be fearful of balls that were thrown for him to retrieve. He came to us with a general distrust of people. The first week he was home, he chewed some furniture and had a few accidents on the carpet.

Ace still has some anxiety issues, but those are slowly becoming fears of the past. Ace is excited to greet us when we emerge from our bedrooms for the day, when he gets his morning walk and when we return home from being gone. He has especially taken to our teenage daughter, Jessica, who he likes to play with and chase around the house. He has stopped chewing our furniture and patiently waits to relieve himself outside. Ace is learning his commands and is even beginning to play a little fetch with those tennis balls he once feared.