Adonis is a lovely Lab with a shiny black coat perfectly trimmed with silver, and whenever this 13-year-old gent catches a glimpse of his handsome mug in the mirror, he always gets a little extra pep in his step and wiggle in his wag. “Gray is definitely the new black”, this fashionable fellow tells us, and his new family enthusiastically agrees. Although already well into his golden years, Adonis recently found new love, new life, and a very happy new beginning, thanks to the oversized hearts and wide open arms of his fabulous new parents, Crystal and Doug.

We received a wonderful update from Adonis’ family: Adonis is such a gentle giant. He has a deep devotion that’s easily earned and a goofy side that makes us chuckle every day. At 13-years-old, Adonis’ lifelong family was no longer able to keep him, and Safe Harbor asked us if we could add a third old guy to our family. We had never had 3 dogs before, so the “pack” dynamic took a few weeks to get fully situated, but with Elbie (13-year-old female lab/border collie) as the matriarch, Cody (8-year-old cancer survivor, also from SHLR) as the easy going brother, things went quite smoothly. The main challenge was for Adonis to figure out which dog bed he liked the best!

Taking in a senior isn’t so much about training them to your household but figuring out what we can do as a guardian of this old soul to make each day be as great as possible, since it’s always uncertain how many days we get to be together. Adonis loves having the 5 acres to go on “wanders” with the family that help keep him limber and strong against his battle with arthritis. He was a bit underweight when SHLR took him in, and I am pleased to report he’s put on about 10 lbs with them and us and is looking so much better. When you give him a good ear rubbing, he likes to return the favor by rubbing his head into your knees or belly and grunting, begging for more rubs!!

Our heartfelt thanks to Crystal and Doug for making room in your family to give this sweet senior boy a golden future.