alia-and-bonnieFor every wonderful dog that comes to Safe Harbor looking for love, there are equally special adopters out there who are looking to fill a Lab-sized hole in their lives, and we are the lucky ones who get to watch as the pups and their new families find each other and start their “happily ever afters” together.  Karen and Kevin recently opened their hearts to a sweet 1.5-year-old chocolate covered bundle of Lab named Oakley, and, as you can tell from the update, they have all found just what they were looking for and tails are sure to be wagging around the family home for many years to come.  Karen and Kevin write:

Oh my … how did we get so lucky?!   About 3 weeks ago, we adopted Oakley, who we renamed Alia after a special place we visited in Sicily, and we call her Lia for short.  We could not have asked for a more loving and special pup!    Our 13+ year old lab, Bonnie, is getting along with Lia very well  – they are even to the licking noses stage!  Bonnie is a bit too old for physical play, but we see her looking longingly at Lia when she is chasing the ball – Bonnie was a master in her day, too.  And Lia and our cat are doing just fine.  Not quite licking noses, but they respect and give each other space.  We believe she will one day cuddle with Lia as she does with Bonnie.  Lia has the training basics and just needs reminders and practice, but what a smart and delightful pup she is!!  She plays hard and sleeps like a baby – and loves to cuddle with us.   It is clear that she came from a good, loving family.  I’m sorry that for whatever reason she could not stay with them, but we feel so very fortunate to have found her.   And from her constant tail wags and attachment we already see, I am pretty sure she would say the same thing.    Thank you and SHLR for the opportunity to adopt Lia!  It has been a very thorough and professional process – every volunteer has been terrific!