Jason and Lauren’s family recently grew by four legs and a tail when a beautiful eleven-month-old pup named Amaya came to stay. In addition to her fabulous new parents, Amaya now has two human siblings and a five-year-old Catahoula/Lab mix big sister, so there is almost always a playmate within paws reach or an empty lap in need of a Lab.

Amaya’s parents sent us an update on their new pup:

Amaya has settled very comfortably into her new forever home. She starts her days before the sun comes up, heading out to join one of her humans as he prepares coffee and breakfast. Amaya then turns her attention to the back door, where she goes on alert, pressing her face against the glass, scanning the yard for rabbits and squirrels. Once her canine sister, Hailey, manages to get out of bed, it’s off to the races as they dash into the yard, sun or snow, starting their morning “patrol” and greeting the neighbor dogs through the fence.

After the morning run around, with a Findster tracking her paws/steps, it’s time for breakfast and some champion level chewing before settling in for an early nap or running some errands. Her days are then full of play; chasing balls, learning to walk calmly on a leash, mastering commands, playing with Hailey and more chewing — lots more chewing. And of course, they are full of love and affection as she tries her best to convince everyone she’s a bona fide lap dog.