Gary and Mary, and their chocolate Lab, Lucy, were looking for another family member after the loss of their beloved Moose, a SHLR alumnus they had adopted 11.5 years ago. Eight-year-old Lucy grew up with Moose and was now missing the companionship of a doggie sibling. Gary and Mary again came to Safe Harbor, and they chose a beautiful eight-month-old black Lab girl named Ana to help fill the Lab-sized hole in their family. Ana is now Annie, and this gorgeous pup is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside. She has made herself right at home and is thoroughly enjoying her new family and the active mountain lifestyle.

We received an update from the proud parents on life with their new pup:  Ana has been a real joy. At first her puppiness was too much for our eight-year-old Lucy, Now they are best buddies and as you can see from the photos, they like to cuddle. We’re working on her manners but she’s full of life and very receptive and eager to learn. She couldn’t be more gentle and loving to our grandson. He loves to play with and pet her. He giggles at her antics. We love having her in our family.