Robert and Rebecca’s newest Lab love is the charming Miss Annie. When they were ready to find a pup to help fill the empty spaces left in their hearts after the loss of their previous Safe Harbor Lab, 3.5-year-old Annie came along and wagged her way into their lives. Annie is a lovely girl, both inside and out, and this sweet pup seemed to know right away that she was finally home forever.

Annie’s new mom tells us:  We adopted Annie just about five weeks ago, and she settled into our lives as if she was always meant to be here. She has picked out a favorite sun spot on our front porch and has been scanning for deer, rabbits and squirrels as if was her life’s work. She bounds ahead of me on the mountain trails above our house, but joy of all joys, she circles back to me every thirty seconds so I can lollygag my way up the trail while she runs back and forth to check on my breathing. She is extremely sweet and loving to all creatures great and small. Of all the things Annie loves, she loves car rides the most! She rides so quietly and intently it is almost as if she is looking for a street address! Many thanks to her foster dad, Larry, for taking such good care of her until we could tuck her into our lives and bring her home.