Four-year-old Abby recently joined Mandi’s family and is so excited to have a fabulous new name to go with her fabulous new life. “You can call me Apple,” she proudly tells all her new friends, “just don’t call me late for dinner!” Speaking of dinner, the lovely Ms. Apple had become a little too well-rounded, so she’s having to adjust to a little less kibble in her bowl these days. “But there will be less of me to love,” Apple woofed woefully when she heard about the new diet plan, but her new mom is dedicated to helping her become the healthiest, happiest, Lab girl she can be.

Mandi writes:  Apple (formerly Abby) is my third Lab with SHLR. She joins a 6-pound, tri-pod, Chihuahua sister and has been really great about letting Scarlet boss her around, even when she’s being sassy pants. The entire SHLR organization was essential in finding the perfect temperament in a Lab to deal with such a strong personality (Scarlet’s, not mine) and solidified in my heart what an amazing group of people comprise SHLR.

While Apple is great with her bratty counterpart, she has a lot to learn in terms of manners, confidence and trust, not to mention a significant amount of pounds to lose. She may not be the smartest lab ever; however she is eager to learn and really just wants to please. Apple never met a snuggle, nap or body of water she didn’t like and is so bursting with love that she doesn’t understand why she can’t sit on my lap or sleep right on top of me. At 90 pounds down from 95 (it’s a start!) she can be quite a chunk of love (pun intended) to manage and she sometimes forgets that her sister is only the size of her paw. We’re all adjusting.

It’s been fun and rewarding watching her develop and grow into the good dog that I know she wants to be. Scarlet and I couldn’t be happier to have her in our home. Ok, maybe not Scarlet, but I couldn’t be happier.