Archie_201604_250pxArchie is home forever with Mike and Heidi, and this handsome two-year-old charmer couldn’t be happier! Archie, formerly known as Jake and/or Amigo, still can’t believe what a lucky boy he is to have been chosen to join this wonderful family. In addition to his fantastic new parents, Archie has a new canine sister, 12-year-old Zoe, and an 11-year-old canine brother, Lugnut. Archie tells us that his new siblings are the best things on four paws, and that in addition to having the coolest name around, his new bro, Lugnut, is a super fun playmate. All of the pups love hanging out together and enjoy family walks, playtime in the yard, and car rides, but, of course, everyone loves snuggling with mom and dad best of all!

Heidi and Mike sent us this great update on Master Archie:

We just love our new boy so much! We renamed him Archie and he is learning fast! He sits for his meals and takes treats very gently. He is a world-class snuggle pup and sleeps in our laps as well as the bed. Archie’s having a good time at his forever home with new squeaky toys, chews, balls and playing tag with his new brother Lugnut – he is just a happy-go-lucky guy and a joy.

He has a new sister as well, Zoe, and she plays gently with him but since she’s a princess and an older gal, she doesn’t play tag and get crazy like the boys and Archie understands that.

He has infused a new level of activity for Lugnut which is wonderful! Lug never really knew how to play before but has found out how with his new playmate and they have a blast. Zoe and Lugnut are both rescues thru SHLR and GRRR too, and we can’t imagine life without all our pups. Life is good for all. Thank you so much for rescuing him and allowing us the privilege in giving him his forever home. We’ve sent updates and pics to his foster parents – they are wonderful.