Say hello to three-year-old Archie, who dreamt of nothing more than belonging to a family for Christmas.  Well, as all great Lab stories go, all of his dreams came true when his new Dad, Doug, arrived to take him to his new forever home.  Archie couldn’t believe his luck!  His new home was stocked full of stuffed animals and balls and treats of every kind.  He even had his very own Christmas stocking!  Archie was in dog heaven, and as you can imagine, he played to his heart’s content.  He is a very happy boy, and we couldn’t be happier that he found such a wonderful home.  Merry Christmas Archie!

His new family sent us this update, along with a special update from Archie himself: Everything is going great with Archie. I think the only issue we had was he was a little older than we were looking for. However, I can tell you we love him to death. He is a real toy hound! All he wants to do is play, play, play. It really is true that Labs are puppies till the day they die! He is very healthy and still learning some commands. Others he has down pat. He does like to sleep on the couch, which I don’t like so we are working on that. The thing I have to laugh at is how such a big dog needs help getting in the truck. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with Archie.

Hi, everyone, Archie here. Thank you so much for hooking me up with my new peeps. They have the greatest balls and I’m allowed to tear my toys up as I see fit. Shoes are apparently off limits. I have a park across the street with lots of geese, but who cares, that’s where we play ball. Also, I have a cool bed, but I prefer the couch. If they would just get those chairs off of it I could sleep there. Did I mention that we play ball a lot? I like it better than food! And other than the balls, I have lots of squirrels in the backyard. If they would just quit climbing those trees, we could play, though I don’t think they’ll like balls as much as I do!