Six-month-old Aspen has an eye condition which limits her vision somewhat, but there’s no limit to this beautiful girl’s ability to live life to the fullest and squeeze every last drop of joy out of each new day. Aspen is now in her forever home with Phil and Alexis, and in addition to all of the love, care, and training she gets from her fabulous parents, her mom has some professional experience with Aspen’s medical condition and makes sure that all of her needs are met. To top it all off, Aspen has a new Great Pyrenees brother to share playtime, cuddles, and doggie secrets with. Aspen is forever safe and home where she belongs, with a new family that knows that from her adorable pink nose and gorgeous white coat to the tip of her ever-wagging tail, little Miss Aspen is truly puppy perfection.

Her new parents sent us an update on their life together:

From Aspens perspective: I haven’t stopped having fun since mom and dad brought me home. I have a big brother named Zeus and we get to play together at the dog park every day! We also love to wrestle! I even taught him how to play with toys! Mom and dad said he would never play with toys until I got here and showed him how; we’ve even ripped up a few toys together.

My favorite place is snuggled up between mom and dad on the couch, or asleep with my mountain of toys on my bed. Mom and dad are very patient with me since I can’t see everything perfectly and my brother helps me get around too. I love my new family!

From humans, Alexis and Phil: Aspen is the perfect addition to our little family and I can’t imagine our lives without her. What she lacks in sight, she makes up for in the love that she gives. She’s stolen each and every one of our hearts.