Sometimes a great success story starts with a failure — in this case a foster failure. Eight-year-old Aspen couldn’t be happier to have gone from foster to forever without ever leaving home. Aspen is now the official owner of her new mom, Mary Ann, and the doting sister of her new canine big brother, nine-year-old Leo.

Mary Ann tells their story:

I was told I was getting an easy dog for my first foster and that Aspen would be a quick adoption, and I was certain that was true. She greeted me with wags and kisses – Aspen is one of those Labs who just can’t “hold her licker.” She walked on leash with better manners than my dogs have ever had. I thought I’d enjoy a couple of weeks of Aspen’s loving and she’d be on her way.

However, Aspen’s initial check-up at Alameda East revealed a medical concern that triggered a series of delays in her adoption. By the time a mass on her flank was removed and she was back on her way to health, three months had passed. Aspen had become best friends my boy Leo, another Safe Harbor rescue, she was a favorite place for my cats to rub their heads, and I had begun to worry that whoever adopted her wouldn’t love her as much as I did. I realized then that I had failed my first foster attempt and that Aspen was already in her forever home.

Many thanks to Mary Ann for fostering sweet Aspen and giving her the home of her dreams!