Maureen and Tony have given one-year-old Aspen the life she has always dreamed of — full of fun and games, companionship, and unconditional love. With her new parents helping her learn how to be the very best little Lab she can be, and her new sister and BFF, Brooklyn, around to help her run off some of her youthful energy, Miss Aspen is learning, growing, and thriving, in her forever and ever home.

We recently caught up with Aspen’s new parents, who sent us an update on their girl:

Aspen joined our family in June of this year. She is loveable and playful. It is very entertaining watching her checking out the squirrels as they try to sneak into our yard. She is so fast it is amazing. Aspen loves to play fetch but has some trouble releasing the ball when she returns. We are working on it and have no doubt that she will figure it out quickly because Aspen is also very smart. Aspen has bonded with her four-legged sister, Brooklyn (also a rescue from 7 years ago). They play and run together.

Aspen has added so much to our lives. I appreciate the folks at Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for bringing her to our family. She is such a joy