Patience and Priorities— 6-year-old Athena has them both. This chocolate Lab came to her new family after losing her previous human. Initially quite anxious, she patiently learned the routines of Shirley and Ralph as well as her new dog sister Gabi and Cat brother Jack. Once settled into her new home, the priorities took over; first, lose some middle-aged weight, second, play ball. And play ball she will. Gabi tries to get things going, but the ball prevails. It took time, but she has found new activities and her own space and patiently gives to her new family. Of course, her ball is number one.

Here is an update:

Athena is our 2nd Safe Harbor Lab adoption.  When we lost our other beloved Lab, we could think of no better place to get Gabi a new companion.  “Thena” as we call her had a rough beginning having suddenly lost her owner. Happily, she spent two weeks in a wonderful foster home but our home was her third in two weeks so it was an anxious time for her. She bonded with Gabi right away and never left my side those first few weeks.  And although Gabi wants desperately to play, nothing comes between Thena and catching the ball.  She came to us many pounds overweight but is now within four pounds of her goal. We play ball several times a day (although I’m sure it’s not enough for her!), take wonderful walks and have added car rides and running errands to her list of to-dos.  She is becoming more and more settled and feels very safe in her new home.  She has the sweetest disposition, is loving and very innocent! Thank you to all of the volunteers at SHLR for helping to make our home full of life again!  PS Thena and our rescue cat Jack are doing great as well.