The lovely Athena is home to stay and her new mom, Amy, tells their story:


Some call it foster failure. I’ve renamed it #fostersuccess.

I became a SHLR volunteer in 2014 after losing my four-legged blonde, Maddie (14). I’m a sucker for a yellow. And a senior girl. A nod to all of the 40+ women who are still on-line dating.

Athena (13) and I bonded instantly. Almost. On her ride home from Alameda East, she found her way to the very back of my car and nested amidst the emergency blankets and grocery bags I keep back there. But, once we got home, she easily mastered the dog door, claimed the back yard as hers and found her way to the corner of the couch. She loved her new squirrel squeaky toy.

As a former dietitian turned oncology social worker and then nurse, I believe in palliative care at the end of life. This includes supplementing dry kibble with homemade slow cooker food. Breakfast always includes a fried egg. Over easy. Obviously.

A family came – with their dog – to meet Athena a couple days after she arrived. I had her adoption paperwork and SHLR bandana ready. The short version (and quote from said family): “She seems really attached to you.” The feeling was mutual. They pick us.

Photo #1: sitting near her food bowl trying to (not so) subtly remind me that it was breakfast time.

Photo #2: happy roll as her egg fried

Photo #3: patiently waiting for her food (on the counter) to cool


P.S. According to Greek mythology, Athena was born of Zeus (no mother). I don’t think it’s an accident that Zeus was a SHLR foster shortly before Athena’s arrival.