Autumn is looking very scholarly these days with her new family.  She loves attending first grade remote learning session and gives a wink, saying, “I think I am a teacher’s pet!”

Autumn is the most lovely dog – inside and out. She is a gentle giant. She came to our family on November 27,  2020 and immediately made herself at home.  My two grandchildren have cats but always wanted a dog.  Autumn is very happy to fill that role when they visit.  She takes all the hugs and petting they want to give. She is a natural nurturer with children.

She quietly behaved during the daily first grade remote learning sessions. She would listen to all the children and wagged her tail gleefully if the teacher asked how she was doing. She would participate in physical education, music and her favorite- snack time.

Autumn has a large backyard  where she lays in the sun and chases rabbits. She looks forward to laying out on the deck and roll around in the soft grass in the  Spring. She has heard rumors of a swimming pool in the summer……