SONY DSCBailey came into our lives in 2008 and was a cherished member of the family for 8 yrs. He was quite the character. He was fun loving and my constant companion. Wherever “mom” went, Bailey was sure to follow. He especially loved when we would take our summer camping trips. His first encounter with a bull moose was frightening and quite comical. He decided to chase this big boy until the moose turned around and faced Bailey head on. My boy then realized how large this creature really was and came running back to me as fast as he could go. Even though he was a Lab, Bailey was not real fond of water. It wasn’t until we adopted his “brother “Ziggy”, also an SHLR dog, in 2010 that Bailey then decided he was not going to be outdone. He would get into slow running rivers, but only as far as his belly. Anything above that was not acceptable.

We had to send him on to the Rainbow Bridge Oct. 18, 2016 as he had developed an inoperable mass on his esophagus and was unable to swallow anything except water. His gentle, loving spirit and his constant presence is greatly missed. The time we had with him will forever be cherished.SONY DSC