They don’t come much cuter than little Barley. Four-month-old Barley found his home with Melanie and Brad, their son, Connor, and head house kitty, Thomas. Delightful young Barley is the happiest, snuggliest, and cheeriest little Lab mix pup around, and he is living and loving life to the fullest with his wonderful fun-loving, active family.

Melanie and Brad sent us an update on life with Barley:

“He has had a wonderful time playing with both his human brother, Connor, and his feline brother, Thomas, and has enjoyed big brother Thomas the furry feline teaching him ‘house rules.”

Barley is a lively pup who enjoys the heck out of the trails that he lives by, is doing so well with his training (a lot of thanks to his trainer, Eric G.) and has so much energy, love, cuddles and wiggles in him that he still sometimes falls over from the excitement of it all. He has yet to find something that isn’t fun to play fetch with (except for the cat) and is learning to catch his balls and toys. Barley is looking forward to some upcoming camping trips and learning to run alongside his runner mom as soon as his vet gives the all-clear. He has been a joyful addition to his new home and is a constant reminder of what unconditional love looks like.”