Barney is thrilled to announce the end of his life on the streets and the beginning of his life as a well-loved, well-rounded, well-to-do, well-fed, family Lab.  At about 7-years-old, Barney has unpacked his bowl for the last time and moved it into the forever home he shares with his new mom and dad, Sharon and David.  “There’s no better feeling than being a regular family guy with a regular dinnertime and having folks who are happy to see your smiling face and wagging tail at the end of every day”, Barney woofs wisely, while casting an adoring glance at his fabulous new parents.barney_new-beginnings_2016-146

David writes:  After a short interview, Sharon and I agreed to make Otis a part of our family.  Otis’ Foster Mom, Ronda (who has fostered many labs), may have had a tear in her eye as Otis was leaving.  She said Otis was a special pup and she sure was right.  After a name change, Otis is now Barney, he quickly became comfortable with his forever home.

Last weekend Barney met our son’s dog Jake, formerly Sonny, also recently adopted from SHLR.  Two great dogs and two happy families.  Thanks Safe Harbor!