The dashing and delightful Mr. Baxter took a quick break from lounging in front of the fire to tell us how he made the move from temporary foster guest at Les’ house to becoming the newest member of her fabulous family:  Hi Everyone, this is Baxter! Gosh where do I start and how do I fit everything into 12 lines?I went to two foster-to-adopts but was kind of naughty hoping they’d bring me back to mom and it worked. As my friend Amy says, “They choose you” and I chose mom. I was a little ruff around the edges at first, but I’m getting better ~ I about bit your hand off when taking treats. Now the command “gentle” reminds me that I can get more treats when I’m gentle taking them.  I was treated for heartworm disease when I first arrived at Safe Harbor but I’m fine now. I just have to take it easy for a few months. Mom’s seeing to that and it really isn’t that hard. She said I’m really just a big (92#) beanie baby most of the time. I love Ruby and Coco, my dog-sisters, and Charlie Brown, my dog brother.  They’re the boss of me and I’m fine with that. I have nothing to prove. I’ve already proven that I’m very happy to finally be home.Thanks to Les for fostering Baxter and big congratulations on your beautiful new boy!