Gary and Laura put the Lab back in their lives with their recent adoption of ten-month-old Beacon. With his sweet disposition and irresistible puppy dog eyes, beautiful Beacon is a natural heartbreaker who quickly wiggled his way into his new parents’ hearts. This formerly timid young pup is gaining confidence and thriving in his new home as he settles in and realizes that he is now a cherished member of his very own family.

Beacon’s new parents sent us an update on their boy:

We’ve had six dogs over the years and all have had different doganalities. We kept Beacon’s name because he seemed traumatized by whatever he had been through. He is a unique lad of about one year in age. He still doesn’t really bark. Bang on our door all you want and Beacon acts like he is not to be bothered. He barely moved much in the beginning and hung out in his kennel (safe space) a lot, and he wouldn’t use the stairs to the basement. He’s changed so much in these 2 months. He’s full of life and wants his food and walks. He is constantly right by our side with love in his eyes. As I write this, he’s asleep with his head on my foot. He knows he’s home and safe. This is his forever home and we’re glad to have him. He provides great companionship and makes us get out and walk. He wants us to work those Fitbits.

He will occasionally bark by our deck door now, but we still don’t know what the heck he sees or hears. He races up and down all stairs with such speed it’s funny. Just trying to make fun of us oldiesI guess. Typical teenager. We had been without a dog for almost 2 years as we concentrated on selling our house in Virginia and moving to Colorado. It’s good to have a dog again. Sometimes we pause the TV to listen to his whimpers while he dreams at our feet, and then we laugh with joy.