This Bear won’t have much time for hibernating over the winter since his schedule is filling up fast, with lots of hiking, playing, and cuddling on the agenda as he tries to keep up with his new parents, Lisa and Peter. Of course, being a very good, big little brother, he will always make time for some catnaps and fireside chats with his two new kitty siblings. Still just a youngster at two-years-old, beautiful Bear has a lot of living and learning to do, but he is already proving to be sweet friend to all and a fabulous family Lab.

Lisa sent us an update on life with Bear:

All summer long, I searched the rescue sights for the perfect dog. I knew that I loved Labs, so of course, I was drawn to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. After getting our adoption application approved, I searched their site daily for the dog who touched my heart through his surrender story and by the look in his eyes. Boom, I found my Bear! Thankfully, I was first in line for him. It was love at first sight for my husband and me. We were a little concerned if Bear would be okay with our two 10-year-old cats, but it didn’t take long for everyone to adjust. We are so happy with our beautiful black Bear! He is sweet, smart, loving, fun and he loves to hike every day! In fact, he gets three hikes per day!

When he was first surrendered, he weighed in at 101.6 pounds. With regular exercise and healthy food, he is down to 90 pounds. The vet says he looks great! Everyone who meets him says that Bear is so lucky to have been adopted by us, but I say, we are so lucky that we adopted Bear.