The two dapper gentlemen in the photo below are 1.5-year-old Bear and his new dad, Caleb. This fabulous, fashionable, and active duo is perfectly matched, whether stepping out for a night on the town, exploring the great outdoors together, or just hibernating at home and enjoying a relaxing summer nap.

Bear’s new dad tells us: Bear has been such a wonderful addition to the home! When I first saw Bear’s pictures, I fell in love with his big brown eyes and perfect Lab face. After leaving his foster dad’s house, Bear wasted no time in getting friendly with his new family. He rode the whole way home with his head either in the cracked window or on my shoulder from the backseat. When we got home, there was a basket of brand new toys! Bear quickly picked out a teddy bear (Bear loves his bear!), Kongs, and a Frisbee and played with them and his new dad all evening. When it was time for bed, Bear curled right up next to my bed on a shag carpet he claimed as his. He slept all through the night until his dad woke up to a wet nose on the bed staring at him.

Three weeks in, Bear is loving his new life! He starts every day with a walk and yard playtime and ends it with cuddling on the couch and falling asleep with his head on dad’s chest. In between sleep, Bear is showing his comfort in his new home! He loves sticks and has amassed quite the collection in the yard that he tends to daily. If he can sneak them inside, he’ll make you free mulch! Bear also enjoys napping with his favorite humans, curling up with anyone who gets on his favorite couch. Bear’s loving, smiling face has been so wonderful. I’m looking forward to spending years playing fetch and cuddling with my new best friend.