My family clipped on my leash, put me in the car, drove me to a building full of barking dogs and handed my leash to a person on the other side of a counter.  “His name is Beau, he’s 9 or 10 years old, he lives outside and we don’t have time for him,” they said.  Then they walked out the door. And so I became the senior resident of an animal shelter for the next two months. The concrete floor was hard, but at least I was inside as winter set in. My luck was about to change . . .

My leash was handed to Safe Harbor’s rescue partner.  I’d be going to Colorado! Ah, but there was a twist. As I got my health papers in order to travel, the vet discovered I had heartworms. “No worries,” said Safe Harbor. “When we commit to a Lab, we take care of them!” I’m now getting the treatment I need – it will take a couple of months. I’m one lucky guy to have my Safe Harbor foster mom at the other end of my leash now!

Beau’s care is being provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.


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