My family clipped on my leash, put me in the car, drove me to a building full of barking and handed my leash to a person on the other side of a counter.  “His name is Beau, he’s 9 or 10 years old, he lives outside and we don’t have time for him,” they said.  Then they walked out the door. And so I became the senior resident of an animal shelter for the next two months. The concrete floor was hard, but at least I was inside as winter set in. My luck was about to change . . .

My leash was handed to Safe Harbor’s rescue partner.  I’d be going to Colorado! Ah, but there was a twist. As I got my health papers in order to travel, the vet discovered I had heartworms. “No worries,” said Safe Harbor. “When we commit to a Lab, we take care of them!” I’m one lucky guy to have my Safe Harbor foster mom at the other end of my leash now!

Update:  After Beau’s heartworm treatment was completed, routine follow up X-rays of his chest were taken. Sadly, a fast-growing cancer was discovered in his lungs. He will be staying with his foster mom as a hospice pup now for love and care.

Beau’s care is being provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.


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