Three-year-old Beck had no trouble finding his place in the pack when he moved in with his new parents, Patty and Gary, and new Lab siblings, eleven-year-old yellow boy, Jake, and five-year-old Abbie. Blake loves everyone and everything, and you can often find this loving and lovable youngster cuddling up with his fabulous family. “I think I’ll just stay here forever,” Beck woofed with a contended doggie sigh when we interviewed him for this story.

Patty sent us an update on her new pup: I always say that a dog finds you. While we have two awesome labs to love on, something inside felt like we had more love to give to another lab. After acceptance by Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, I was excited about a new addition to the family, but also hesitant that it may disrupt our current lab “love fest” at home…and then came Beck!

From the time we saw his picture to the first time we set eyes on him, I knew he was the one. He is a sweet, mellow dog just looking for love — and that we have plenty of in our house. The big meet and greet with our other two labs, Jake and Abbie, went as expected. A little curious, a little showing of who rules the house and a little lesson in rank and file. After one day, our family grew to five.

It feels as if Beck has been in our family from the time he was born. We are not sure where he came from, but so grateful he is here with us. He enjoys the wonderful life of sleeping and relaxing on the couch or sharing the bed with us and his siblings. One of our favorite joys is watching our lovable labs running crazy in the yard and then rubbing noses at the end of a playful session. Beck’s best quality is how he loves to snuggle.

We are forever grateful to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for bringing Beck home to us!