Where’s the Beef? Check all the sofas, beds, and laps in Beef’s new forever home and you will likely find him soon. Eight-year-old Beef moved into his new forever home late last year and has been making himself very comfortable ever since. Beef’s fabulous family includes his new parents, Elaine and Joe, their son, Henry, and four-year-old yellow Lab, Finn. To that delightful mix, add in a generous helping of toys and balls, along with heaping portions of laughter and love; stir, and let simmer forever, and you have the family recipe for a lifetime of deliciously happy Beef.

Beef’s new dad recently sent us an update on their boy: When we saw the picture of Beef on the website, Elaine fell in love instantly. I was a little more unsure. Our beloved dog Homer had pass away recently and I wasn’t sure I was ready for another dog. We had Finn, I thought, “Maybe that is enough for now.” I’m so glad Elaine and Henry convinced me to go see Beef. Of course he came home with us after about 20 minutes of visiting with him.

While there have been challenges with Beef – he has a tendency to escape and go exploring – giving Beef a new home has been an incredibly rewarding decision. He’s the most loving dog I’ve ever been around, always looking for love, always wanting you to pet him and scratch him, just touch him. Always. He can never get enough. It’s impossible to not smile and laugh when he comes into a room, with a ball or toy in his mouth, wagging his tail at just the mention of his name. He’s been just what we needed around the house and we can’t wait to spend the next many years enjoying his company. Thank you, Safe Harbor.