It’s a well-known fact that Labs and potato chips have one thing in common — they both keep you coming back for more.  Chris and Connie chose lovely young Bella to be the latest in line of five Labs who have joined their family over the years, proving once again that Labs can be a bit addictive.  When you see this long-legged, raven-haired beauty with the sweetest expression in her soulful brown eyes, it’s easy to understand why they were unable to resist bringing home “just one more.”Bella’s new parents tell us:We have been married almost 50 years, and during that time, we have been blessed to have five Labs to love.  Three of those Labs have come from Safe Harbor, including our newest girl, Bella.   We lost our last girl, Allie, in February.  She was almost 16 years old but still very young at heart.  It was incredibly hard to lose her.  We knew at some point in time we would probably want to get another dog.  When the time finally came, our family and friends were encouraging us to find a small dog.  We were trying to convince ourselves that they were probably right. But having Labs for so many years was hard to give up.  One day I went on-line to Safe Harbor and saw a picture of Bella.  Then I knew that we were Lab people and that wouldn’t change.  We sent in our application and got a call to meet Bella the next day.  It was love at first sight. Bella is doing really well for just turning three years old.  She is full of energy and loves to play.  We split our time between two homes, one in town and a cabin in the mountains.  We think she likes the cabin best. She is a great traveler.  She is in the process of getting to know neighbor friends and dogs.  She does pretty well on a leash but is learning how to slow down just a bit.  We are so thankful we listened to our hearts instead of family and friends.  Thank you Safe Harbor for bringing so much happiness back to our family. Many thanks to Kathy M. for fostering Bella!