Sweet Bella Rose is the life of every party and the Bella of every ball!  This happy and energetic social butterfly collects friends wherever she goes and is first on everyone’s speed dial when there’s fun and frolic afoot. But at the end of the day, Bella’s favorite spot is right at home where she can hang out with her parents, Evan and Misty, and there is always a four-legged sibling within paw’s reach. Bella’s parents sent us an update on their pup:Bella joined our family in February. She was just a year old, sweet as could be and surprisingly very well housetrained! She and Benjamin (our German Shepherd/ Pyrenees) were fast friends! Our two cats, Avalon and Tiger, were not as eager to befriend her but soon realized she was just curious and clumsy, and it wasn’t long after that we all were enjoying hanging out in the same room together!We did get a trainer to help us and her as she was super energetic, surprisingly strong and had a fire in her belly to chase squirrels and rabbits, which all made our daily walks a challenge.The training sessions helped a great deal. We learned that Bella is very intelligent and does want to please but she is still a young pup and has the ability to be a downright Stinker!!  Bella is hands down the friendliest pup we have ever had! Her demeanor towards others is so sweet and chill, and she is the perfect playmate and has made many friends!! She loves her daily walks, puppy parties, hiking, swimming and playing tug of war and keep away with her toys. She really enjoys being the center of attention, but I think what she loves most is being with her people.  She knows how to keep us on our toes and never ceases to make us laugh! We are so happy that lil stinker came into our lives!Many thanks to Lisa S. for fostering Bella Rose!