Last summer, two-year-old Belle planned to make a quick stop at Stephanie and Alan’s house while she looked for her forever home, but when she arrived and took a look around she knew it was time to turn on the charm and convince these great folks that their lovely little foster girl would make a fine permanent addition to the family. Belle soon won her new parents over, and now, along with her Lab siblings, Lexi and Gus, she is a very proud member of their trio of Safe Harbor grads.

We recently caught up with Stephanie and Alan, who sent this this wonderful update on life with Belle:  What can you say about Belle other than she is a real “ding-dong”.  We love her so much.  Belle has brought the energy of a young dog to our home.  She is funny, smart and is always entertaining us.  She loves to play with toys and can often be spotted with all fours on the fireplace getting toys out of the bucket.  Our house looks like a 2-year-old lives here with toys all over.

Belle gets along with our other Safe Harbor dogs.  Gus and Lexi are almost 10, but Belle and Lexi rough house and have a racetrack inside and outside.  Gus just watches in amazement. They always keep track of each other.

Belle is always on “mom” duty.  She is always by her side and loves to sneak out to go for car rides.  She is so quiet in the car you could forget about her.  Belle loves her family and always wants to play.  Our grandson is one of her favorites.  He plays with her a little bit rougher and she loves it. When Belle isn’t playing you can catch her sunning in the backyard or sleeping.  She is champion player and sleeper when playtime is over.

We are so thankful to Safe Harbor for matching us up with three wonderful labs who have put pawprints on our hearts.