It was love at first sight when Jean and her son, Michael, met Belle, and they knew that this gorgeous, gregarious gal would soon be their newest family member.  Seven-year-old Belle is a social butterfly with a ready wag for all she meets  — always certain that every new encounter will result in another addition to her friends list. After winning her new mom’s heart, Ms. Belle was ready and eager to get home and settle into her role of forever family Lab.

Belle’s family sent us an update on their new pup:  We met Belle and her foster mother for the first time at the veterinary hospital where Belle was there for a final visit.  She had to have her hip rebuilt after a break that didn’t heal properly.  Belle made the tour of the waiting room greeting every dog and person with a wagging tail and a kiss.  I decided she was the one for us.  Our last dog love had been in dog heaven for three months.

After we finalized her adoption, Bella hopped right in the car and rode to her new home.  Upon arrival, she walked right in exploring the house, found the dog food and water dish, proceeded to explore the house, noting that dogs had lived here, found the dog bed, tried it out and made herself at home.  We live on acreage and she is busy keeping the rabbits on the run.  She has lost some weight and is putting more weight on her leg and hip.  She fit right in.  We love her.

There is so much to this story, however we know she has adopted us and we are all happy.  In this picture she looks rather sober.  But that is not the case as she is full of life and usually smiling, just shy with the camera. Thanks to all the good people at Safe Harbor.