Seven-year-old Belle, a happy and loving soul, was surrendered to a shelter when her owner became ill and could no longer care for her. Belle had a very painful hip. X-rays revealed a rather astonishing finding: she had a long metal pin in her femur, likely to repair an old fracture. It not only ran the length of the bone, but also protruded four inches into the soft tissue of her hip.  In addition, the top of her femur was broken off and wedged in her hip socket. We don’t know what caused these old injuries, but they were clearly causing her a lot of discomfort. First, a veterinary surgeon carefully removed the old pin. A second surgery is planned to remove the chunk of bone from her hip.  She’s being treated like a princess in her foster home and looking forward to when when will be ready for adoption.

Belle is being cared for by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

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