Ms. Benelli is making herself right at home with her new parents, Carol and Timm, and Golden Retriever brothers, Danny Boy and Bailey Bojangles. This lovely four-year-old girl is enjoying being the Lab lady of the house but has no problem keeping up with the boys and can often be found romping or snuggling with her little brother.

Benelli’s new mom tells us:

We volunteered to foster Benelli and when we picked her up she was a little stinky so she started out as Smelly Benelli. She was recently spayed and was a champ during her sponge bath – no more smelly. She and our recently adopted 2 y/o golden, Danny Boy, hit if off right away – playing and sharing a bed sometimes! It took our other older golden, Bailey, a bit to warm up, but he also has been through some tough changes with the loss of our two older dogs within 6 months. He is content with just chilling while they are up to their antics.

Since we adopted Benelli, Danny Boy has made huge strides with his confidence – so heartwarming! She is also getting better on walks and loves running around at our cabin. She LOVES toys, almost as much as her Daddy (Timm). She responds so well to her name so we kept it, except now we call her Belly Belly Benelli. We were without a lab for the first time in almost 20 years and appreciate Safe Harbor’s help with making our family complete again.