“Being labeled a failure isn’t generally something to be proud of… but Lindsay and Dane wear their new title – Foster failure, with pride! When it comes to our beloved Labrador Retrievers, loving a dog too much to give him back is a win all its own, but for Benni, add on the pure tail-waggin’ joy of changing your designation from Foster to Family? Well… Best. Failure. EVER! Three-year-old Benni certainly has a satisfied gleam in those big brown eyes that says this was his plan all along, and he is so glad that his new Mom and Dad were on board with it!  This certainly is a happy ending for Benni, and we couldn’t be happier that he found the perfect family!”

After we lost our Labrador of 12 years in October, we were devastated, and deeply missed our four-legged family member. Then we found Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, and decided fostering dogs would be the best cure to help us with our loss. After fostering several dogs, Bentley came to us, or as we now call him Benni. We fell in love instantly, and knew he was one pup we just could not give up. We became “foster failures” when we saw how much love Benni could offer us. He has been the best member of our new family.

Benni loves going to the dog park, traveling with his mommy and daddy, and meeting new friends. He has learned many new tricks, and is a very mellow pooch- but still has his lab loving personality. We loved him so much we got Benni a DNA test and learned that he had part Chow in him, which was a complete shock for us, but now we can see that in his fur.

He is the perfect addition to our family, and I cannot picture our family to be complete without him!