I apologize that this took almost a year to do, but my humans are busy people and just kept putting it off.

My new family calls me Bentley instead of Rex. I have to agree, Bentley suits me better. They tell me I’m their third Safe Harbor Lab and fifth overall. Lana was their first 9 years ago (she’s now 10). Becky (Mom) became a transport volunteer after their second SH Lab died after being with them for only 3 years. She and Julia (her daughter) came to get me and one other Lab off the Hope for Paws truck one evening, and when they got home they immediately got the ball rolling to adopt me. I must have made quite an impression on them in just 20 minutes! After an operation “down there” and a week with a foster mom, they brought me home and I am loving it here! My sister Lab, Lana gets to sleep on Julia’s bed, but I get to curl up in her giant beanbag chair instead or on a dog bed in the hallway. I have fun playing with Lana, growling and barking and making a genuine ruckus. I get to chase tennis balls in the backyard and sometimes I get to ride in the car. I get fed twice a day, plus treats and belly rubs and don’t forget ice cubes! Sometimes there are rabbits and squirrels in the backyard to chase away, too. I am very happy in my new life. Thank you, Safe Harbor and Hope for Paws, for bringing me to Colorado.

Bentley (fka Rex) (I’m that gorgeous hunk of chocolate Lab)

Thank you to Madeleine for fostering me for a week while I healed.

courtesy of Becky, Shaan, Aaron and Julia Blanchard, three time adopters of SHLs (Lana, Bowie and Bentley/Rex) and transport volunteers