Beautiful Bentley is a two-year-old bundle of chocolate delight, and he’s one happy hound these days as he recently traded a scary stint behind bars for the luxe life of a well-loved family Lab. Bentley is now the proud owner of a fabulous family, which includes his new parents, Ryan and Jenette, and not just one, but two kids, Austin and Danica. “Yep, two kids of my very own!!!”, Bentley was overheard bragging to his buddies at the dog park the other day. It doesn’t get much better than that for a young chocolate chap with a happy smile, a waggy tail, and a lifetime of love to give.

Bentley’s new dad tells us: Bentley, formerly known as Falcon, has made such a seamless transition into our family. Our two kids, Austin and Danica, absolutely adore him! He loves to cuddle and be loved on, and is thrilled to just lay around and be close. But take him to the dog park or get out his rope for tug, and Bentley cranks up the energy to the level you would expect out of a 2 year old lab! He is a joy to watch run around and explore the world.

We are pretty certain Bentley was an outside-only pooch in his previous environment, as he was very puzzled with the dishwasher, TV, and especially stairs! He still isn’t a big fan of the vacuum or hairdryer! We haven’t had to use a kennel when we leave, and he is very well mannered while we are gone. His leash training is still a work in progress, but the improvement he’s made in 3 weeks has been great.

We are so grateful that Safe Harbor rescued this pup from a shelter in Utah. He has truly been a blessing to our family and we can’t wait for all the adventures in the years to come.