Berkman hit it out of the park when he won over Brad and Jess and convinced them that he was meant to be the next, best, and greatest four-legged member of their family team.  At about 1.5-years-old, Berkman is still just an overgrown pup with lots to learn and places to go, but with his sweet, friendly nature and desire to please, he is well on his way to becoming a fine upstanding Lab citizen.  When he’s not at home warming the hearth, this exceedingly handsome hunk of yellow Lab can often be found out and about, proudly accompanying his new parents on runs, hikes, and neighborhood jaunts.
Brad tells us:  Chester, now referred to as Berkman, after the clutch hitting grizzled MLB veteran without whom the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals would not have won their championship that year.  Berkman has been a tremendous companion to Jess and to me.  From our initial greeting he has been a sweet, loving dog who has brought us many smiles.  Not knowing much about Berkman’s past created some hesitation.  Berkman was always lovable, friendly and sweet but suffered through separation anxiety.  With some patience we’ve all grown to learn to be alone (as we don’t like leaving him either!).  Berkman is now our forever companion, a motivation for early morning runs, an excuse to walk down the street to the neighborhood brewery, a lovable kiss when we walk in the door, and a happy tale for us all!