Why would someone want to adopt an older dog?  Carolyn and Bryan will give you a million and one reasons why they prefer to adopt an older Lab. Recently, they lost both of their senior Labs close together, and their hearts were aching to give another senior Lab, a forever home. Eight-year-old Betty was up for adoption, and lucky for this blonde beauty, her life was about to begin anew.  Prior to coming to SHLR, she had been overlooked and shuffled around.  Carolyn and Bryan met her and embraced her, in a way that she had never known before.   To them she was irreplaceable, sweet and amazing in every way.  Carolyn sent us this update on their girl.

We absolutely love her, and we think that she loves us too, she is definitely a Velcro lab as you say, she never wants to leave our sides.   She eats well, she has mastered the doggie door, she is such a cuddler, and loves her new bed. She stays in her bed all night without a peep, and then in the morning walks outside and does her business in the yard. The tail is constantly wagging, looking for love and touches and hugs, which we give her plenty of. She is such a wonderful dog. We are still working on riding in the car, she rides fine but still does not like to get in. That is a work in progress. We take her for walks every day, usually two a day, but later in the day is the longer one. She has encountered other dogs on our walks and she seems to enjoy everyone. She is just a wonderful, wonderful addition to our family.

She has met Brian’s parents, Brian’s aunt, and some of the neighbors. Everyone just adores her. I just can’t say enough good about her, she is so smart, able to learn New things, and continually looks for our approval. She has bonded with us so well. I can’t believe there hasn’t been more of a learning curve, but from the moment she walked into our house she has made herself at home and I think she understands that this is her final move, and won’t be shuffled around any longer.

She is so calm, and even when the doorbell rings, she just wants to see who it is, and never barks. She knows when the harness comes out, it’s time for her walk, and her whole-body wiggles and she jumps excitedly around. She rushes to the door and then back to see if all of us are going on the walk, or just one of us is taking her.

She is eating well, of course a grain free diet, and loves her treats, and knows exactly where they are kept, and a couple times during the day she will wiggle and look at me, and then run for the cabinet that houses the treats. She will stand there until I open the cabinet and give her a treat. She is just so smart and so entertaining. We just love her, and after losing two labs in such a short period of time, we just weren’t sure if this was a good time to get another lab or should we wait a little longer, but now we know that we absolutely made the best decision ever. We just can’t say enough good about her.

We have left her alone for short periods of time, and she does absolutely fine. She understands we’re coming back, I know she does. She’s always so happy when the door opens and one of us comes in, she is such a friendly greater. I think that she, when we leave, even just for a short period of time, cries a little bit when we leave at the door, but it stops quickly. She doesn’t appear to be too anxious when we leave.  She has full roam of the house, and is extremely trustworthy. Just, all in all, a fabulous, fabulous dog.

She is living a good life with people who truly, truly love her. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with her.